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This legal advisement regulates the utilization of the web site., propriety of FINQUES PALANDRIU S.L. For now on named as the owner of the web page.

The navigation in this site of the owner of the web page implies he has the user condition too in the website, and accepts each published conditions in this legal advice, advertising that these conditions can be modified without any previous announce by the web’s owner, in this case it will be publicised and notified as soon as possible.

For all that is recommended to read carefully its substance in case you want to access and utilize the information and the offered services in this web site.

Furthermore it’s obligatory, on the conformity of laws, the good faith, the public order, the traffic uses and this legal advice, the correct use of the web page, the user will answer before the owner of the web page or third parties, for any damages and injuries caused by the infringement of  this obligation.

Any use other than the authorized is expressly prohibited, allowing to the owner of the web page deny or withdraw access and the use of the web page any moment.


The owner of the web page, with the compliment of the Law 34/2002, 11 July, de Servicios de la Información y de Comercio Electronico, informs you about:

  • Its Corporate name: Finques Palandriu S.L
  • Its CIF: B17405051
  • Its registered office: Av. Pau Casals, 25-17,17490 Llançà (Girona)
  • Registration data in the Commercial Registry:

Registro Mercantil de GIRONA, Tomo 686, Folio 112, Sección 8, Hoja GI-13355


To contact with us, we give you different contact ways, specified below:

•Phone number: 0034 97212056

  • E-mail address:

All the notifications and communications between the users and the web’s owner are considered effective, in every way, when they are performed via any way mentioned before.


The web site and its services are free and without charge. Notwithstanding, the owner of the web page can conditioned the use of some of the services on the basis of the previous filling out the pertinent formulary.

The user warrants the authenticity and the actualization of all the details that he gives to the web’s owner and he will be the only responsible of the false or inaccurate information provided. 

The web’s user expressly commits to do an adequate use of the contents and the services of the web’s owner and not use them among other issues:

•   Disseminate illegal, pornographic, racists, xenophobes, offensive, apology for terrorism, or in general, contents opposite to the law and public order.

• Insert in the Website viruses or run any other activity which may damage, alter, interrupt or generate errors in the electronic documents, data or hardware and software systems of the web’s owner; as hinder the access of other users/visitors of the website and its services by massive use of the computer resources employed where the web’s owner provides its services.

• Try to access to the e-mail accounts of the others users or restricted informatics systems of the owner of the web page or third parties, and if applicable, extract information.

• Infringe the intellectual or industrial rights, as well as violated the information confidentially of the owner of the web page or the third parties. 

• Impersonate the identity of any other user.

• Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or any other form of public communication, transform or modify the contents, unless prior authorization has been obtained from the titular owner of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted.

• Compile data for publicity purposes and send advertising of any type and communications for sales purposes or others of commercial nature without his previous request or consent.

All the web site contents, like texts, photographies, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, as well as his graphic design and his source code, are a work whose property is owned by Finques Palandriu, without being transferred to users any rights to exploit them beyond what is what is strictly necessary to be able to use the website.

In conclusion, the users can access in this web site and can watch the contents and do, when it’s applicable, private authorized copies, whenever the reproduced elements will not be ceded to third parties or are not installed in servers connected to a network and that they are not subject to any type of misuse.

Likewise, all trademarks, trade names or logos of any type which appear on the web site are the property of Finques Palandriu S.L, without this use or access being thought as an attribution to the user of any right over them

The distribution, modification, cession or public communication of the contents and any other act which it hasn’t expressly authorized for the owner of the exploit rights is prohibited. 

The establishment of a hyperlink, if applicable, does not imply any relationship between the owner of the web page and the web site with which the link is established, or the acceptation and the approval of its contents or service by the owner of the web page.

The owner of the web page is not responsible for any use or actuations that give each user the materials made available on this web site or its proceedings based on them.



The content of the present web site is the general nature and its aim is merely to provide information, and no guarantee is given for access to all contents, nor of their thoroughness, correctness, validity or accuracy, and neither their suitability nor utility for a specific purpose.

The owner of the web page excludes, as fast as the legal system allowed, any responsibility for any damages and losses of any type whatsoever arising:

• The impossibility of web site access or lack of veracity, accuracy, exhaustively, and/or actuality of the contents, as well as, the existence of the vices and defects of any type in the transmitted, disseminated, saved, made available, received, obtained or have been accessed through the web site or the services offered.

• The presence of virus or other elements in the contents tan can produce alterations in informatics systems, electronic documents or user data.

• Failure to comply with the laws, the good faith, the public order, the traffic use and the present legal advice as a consequence of the incorrect use of the web site. In particular, and for instance, THE WEB SITE OWNER is not responsible of the actuations of the third parties who infringe the   intellectual and industrial property rights, the trade secrets, the honor and to personal and family privacy and self-image rights, also the de unfair competition y illicit publicity regulation.

Likewise, THE OWNER OF THE WEB declines any responsibility for the outside web’s information and it isn’t directly managed for our webmaster. The purpose of the links that appears in this web is to inform the user about the existence of other sources that may amplify the contents offered in this web site. THE WEB OWNER does not guarantee or accept responsibly for the availability and accessibility of the linked sites; it either suggests invites or recommends visiting them, and will not, therefore, be responsible for results obtained by visiting these sites.

THE OWNER OF THE WEB is not responsible for the creation of hyperlinks by third parties.


In case that any user or third party considers that exist facts or circumstances which reveals a illicit nature of the utilization of any content and/or engagement activity in the pages included or accessible on the web site, he or she may send a notification to THE WEB’S OWNER, providing a proper identification and specify the alleged infractions.


The administrative information gave through the web site does not replace the legal publicity of the laws, general dispositions and acts that are formally publicized in the official bulletins of the public administration, that constitutes the only instrument that can certify their authenticity and content. The information available in this web site must be understood as a guide and no claim is made as to its legal validity.


The present conditions are determinate by the current Spanish legislation.
The used language will be Spanish.